Masjid al-Badr-Floating Mosque

Some people might say life is not all about living in prestige. After all, it goes back to the modest, simple lifestyle. While some other people might prefer wandering along the shore to find peace, others may opt to admire the best architectural grandeur.

Whether it could be an elegant facade that belongs to the ancient monument, the best spot might also be a building that houses religious activities or worship. In the northern part of Malaysia within the state of Perak lies a beautiful mosque on the tax-free Pangkor Island.

Situated near Teluk Gedong, this floating mosque named Masjid Al-Badr Seribu Selawat boasts splendid architecture, which is inspired by the Turkish and Middle East influence. As you stroll around the gateway, you will notice the vivid blue dome layered with gold-look alike mosaic - bring a stark contrast to the minaret

Built on 7 March 2014, this majestic symbol for Islam embodies a contemporary expression of traditional yet modern ornamentation and calligraphy.

The most striking features are manifested in the geometry of the internal and external wall decoration, which highlighted the identity of Perak.

It is said that the flower-shaped carving at every corner of the mosque reflected the state heritage symbol of its embroidery.

The mosque, which encompasses an area of almost an acre can accommodate about 1,500 Muslims at a time. Interestingly, when you come closer to the main prayer hall, you will be amazed by the sculptural embellishment of walls, pillars, doors and even the 'mimbar', in which a Muslim spiritual leader gives his sermon during a religious gathering.

(Photos Credit: Facebook Masjid Seribu Selawat, Azura Kamarudzzaman & Pak Toyyib Changkat Cermin)

The uniqueness of this mosque is the depiction of a thousand salawat (praises upon Prophet Muhammad) in a medium of khat, a Jawi script writing that could be seen all over the mosque.

Together with space and lighting arrangement, this fine art successfully creates a sense of tranquillity and serenity. It is told that some of this adornment is also handwritten on the marble, especially on the mimbar section.

The mosque has an office and meeting room on the upper storey, and the lower part is the prayer area comprises an open and air-conditioned hall.

If you have an opportunity to visit at any time of the year, don't forget to savour every moment at this magnificent new landmark of Pangkor Island.

Located about 220 kilometres northwest of Kuala Lumpur, the best way to travel to Pangkor Island is going by bus to Lumut (around a four-hour journey) from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) before taking a ferry from Lumut Jetty to the island, which takes another 30 minutes.

At Pangkor Island, you can also go snorkelling and explore a multitude of water sports activities from jet-ski, kayaking and even enjoying banana boat rides at Coral Island (Pulau Giam). Alternatively, you may watch hornbills at Nipah Bay or choose to visit the 17th-century Dutch fortress, a historical site at Kampung Teluk Gedung.

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