Masjid Al Hussain


Explore the Stunning Floating Mosque in Kuala Perlis, Showcasing Its Intricate and Natural Beauty

Masjid Al Hussain is one of the many floating mosques to be built in Malaysia. This magnificent landmark located in Kuala Perlis was stunningly designed with modern Islamic tropical culture in mind, featuring elements that bring a touch of nature to its facade. If you look closely, the mosque is filled with intricate natural elements such as coral stones, broken quartz, marble, granite and pebble stones.

The mosque sits atop stilts above the sea, which gives off the illusion of the building floating above the water. Situated amongst blissful natural surroundings, Masjid Al Hussain is the ideal place for visitors to take in the magnificent sights of the Kuala Perlis shoreline. The perfect time to visit Masjid Al Hussain is during sunset, just as the sun sets upon the waters, flooding the area with beautiful golden-orange hues.

Photo Credit : fiz

Today, Masjid Al Hussain serves as a religious place of worship for both locals and tourists alike. The mosque has the capacity to house over 1,000 people in the main hall and in the multipurpose prayer hall, which is close-by. Not only is the exterior of the mosque a sight to behold, but the interior is just as stunning with intricate designs featured throughout.

The idea of this mesmerising mosque came from His Highness Raja Muda of Perlis Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra ibni Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail. The construction of the mosque was then carried out by Tan Sri Dato’ Hj Mohd Ariffin Yusuf, who fulfilled his late brother’s wish to construct a mosque, which would be used as a space for charity and services for the betterment of society. The project of Masjid Al Hussain came to light with the help and support of the Perlis Council of Islamic Religious and Malay Customs.

This enchanting mosque happens to also be the first floating mosque in the world. To symbolise God’s first human creations, Adam and Eve, Masjid Al Hussain is built with a hexagonal twin peak minaret. The six-sided peak symbolises the six tenets of Iman in Islam. The minaret of the mosque stretches over 31.3 metres high while the twin peak rises to 7.1 metres. What makes Masjid Al Hussain stand out from other mosques, is the coloured lights that surround the minaret. The colourful lights are fixed on the base of the twin peaks, which light up during the azan. The reason for these lights is to signal people at sea on the prayer times.

How to Reach Masjid Al Hussain

Visitors can reach Masjid Al Hussain by taking a bus from Hentian Duta in Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Perlis. From there, it is a short six-minute walk away from the mosque. Another option is to travel to the mosque by train. Visitors can take the ETS from KL Sentral and hop off at the Arau Railway station. From there, take a six-minute walk to the Arau Station Bus Stop, where you can board bus number T10 which will take you to Kuala Perlis. From the Kuala Perlis bus stop, you can take a short six-minute stroll to Masjid Al Hussain.

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