Pantai Layang-Layangan


"Catch the Stunning Works of Art"

Situated on the west coast of Labuan, Pantai Layang Layangan is part of a group of beaches known as the United Nations Beach or UN’08. This accreditation comes after the 6km stretch between Layang Layangan and Surrender Point was awarded the United Nations Cleanest Beach Award in 2008. 

True to its name, the long stretch is spotlessly clean and is a favourite location to view the sunset.  However, the sand is bound to be filled with natural ‘art works’ by little sand crabs and other beach critters, making it a delight for nature-lovers. 

Facing the South China Sea, the beach is ideal for evening strolls and just relaxing amidst the sound of the waves. By evening, the beachfront boasts exciting party vibes and an energetic atmosphere with live music and great food at the string of restaurants. 

What to do

  • Go cycling along the sandy pathway 
  • Enjoy a round of beach volleyball 
  • Take a leisurely walk and gaze at the sunset  
  • Try horse-riding 
  • Bring your beach mat and have a picnic 
  • Enjoy the live music 

Nearby attractions 

  • Homestay Kampung Sungai Labu 
  • Peace Park 
  • Surrender Point 


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