Pulau Tenggol, Terengganu – A Thalassophile’s Heaven

The perfect meditation: sensing the sands between our toes and the saltwater breeze.

Among all the beautiful islands that surround our country, Pulau Tenggol or Tenggol Island is considered one of the most unique islands in Malaysia. Located in Dungun, Terengganu, Tenggol Island is considered unique as it was only “discovered” in the past few years. Previously an uninhabited island, Tenggol Island has now become one of the preferred tourists’ destinations in Terengganu after it was developed with accommodations and facilities to welcome visitors.

How to get there

There is only one way to reach Tenggol Island: by boat. Visitors can take a boat at the jetty of the Kuala Dungun Bridge, but bear in mind that the boat trips to Tenggol Island are quite limited. Boat tickets are purchased with lodging packages on Tenggol Island and there are currently two types of transportations provided to reach the island: speed boats and fishing boats. The speed boat will take about 45 minutes to reach the island while the fishing boats will take around 2 hours.

Where to stay

Since Tenggol Island is only recently developed as compared to other islands in Terengganu, there are only two choices of resorts to serve as lodging as of now:

  1. Tenggol Coral Beach Resort (https://tenggol.com.my/)
  2. Tenggol Island Beach Resort 
An Instagrammable spot at Tenggol Coral Beach Resort.

Things to do

Tenggol Island will take your breath away with its beautiful coastline. Activities in Tenggol Island revolve around witnessing the beauty of its seabed, the flora and fauna of both the land and underwater. As for the thalassophiles, Tenggol Island is surely the place for you. An unforgettable underwater experience awaits as you can choose from the 20 dive sites around the island!

Tenggol Island; a diver’s heaven.

Take on scuba diving to discover the treasures on the seabed of Tenggol Island that you may not find elsewhere, such as soft corals, batfish, nudibranchs, the famous clownfish; Nemo, and eerie shipwrecks!

A hidden treasure lies within the seas of Tenggol Island.

For the non-divers, don’t miss out on the fun and take up snorkelling at the island’s shallow sea, so you can lay your eyes upon the indescribable beauty of the sea corals and the marine life underneath.

Snorkelling at Tenggol Island.

Be sure to catch the sunset as dusk approaches and watch the sea being painted in golden hues while fishermen boats return to the shore. Fun fact: Tenggol Island is also used as a shelter for fishermen during the stormy weather.

Don't forget to include this shy island in your bucket list and remember to pack the necessary: beach hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen! Oh, and plentiful beach attires for that OOTD!

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