Taiping was once the centre of the mining industry for decades; hence, it had attracted the British and Chinese miners resulting in a collection of British colonial buildings in the city. Due to the discovery of tin mines in Taiping, the city was one of the earliest developed places in the country; therefore, it boasts an impressive list of ‘firsts’!

Taiping’s iconic Lake Gardens is the first public garden established during the British rule in the country. A former mining ground, the lake gardens has been an attraction since its establishment as a public garden in 1880. Surrounded by gigantic 100-year-old rain trees, the place is perfect for picnic and relaxation. 

Apart from that, Taiping is also home to the first clock tower ever built, besides the first hospital, first railway, first European club, first public park, first prison, and the first and oldest museum in Malaysia, which was established in 1886. The city is also one of the first to have a hill resort located at Maxwell Hill (now Bukit Larut). The Taiping Zoo and its Night Safari is also the first zoo to be established in Malaysia.  

Photo courtesy borneohighlands.com.my

Photo courtesy borneohighlands.com.my

Taiping has so much more to offer to visitors, such as Kampung Dew Fireflies, Trong Hot Springs, and Burmese Pool. For coffee lovers, a trip to the Antong Coffee Mill, the oldest coffee mill that is still in operation in Malaysia, is a must. You can even learn how to roast coffee beans there.


How to get there

Taiping is located approximately 48 kilometres from the state’s capital, Ipoh. From Kuala Lumpur, you can take a bus to Taiping at the Bandar Tasik Selatan train station or the Hentian Duta station. The fare ranges from RM29 to RM34 and the journey takes about four hours. You can also take the KTM ETS train, which costs RM30-RM50 one way, and takes three and a half hours. Taxi is also available, which costs about RM350-RM500 per taxi and the journey takes about three hours.


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