Teluk Intan


The Little-known Treasures of Teluk Intan

From its iconic Leaning Tower and tranquil river cruises to a scrumptious local delight, Teluk Intan is a gem of a town you would not want to skip out on. Previously known as Teluk Anson and proudly known as Teluk Intan today, this unassuming little town also teems with history, hailing back to the time of the British occupation with several monuments paying homage to stories of days past.

Teluk Intan Leaning Tower

What was once a humble water tank is now one of the more iconic attractions in Malaysia. Today, the Teluk Intan Leaning Tower is a proud landmark of the town, which also serves as a clock tower. The reason why it is dubbed the ‘Leaning Tower’ is because it mimics another world-famous leaning structure; The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Standing tall at 25 metres, the Teluk Intan Leaning Tower was originally built in 1885, stretching 8 storeys high and boasts a total of 110 steps in the building. The architecture of the structure was heavily influenced by the pagoda design and is adorned with the rich colours of white, red and green.

Visitors are more than welcome to tour the building’s interior with a small fee of RM 2 per entry. The inside of the tower is filled with detailed information regarding Teluk Intan’s history as well as the backstory of this famous tower. There are also many artefacts from Malaysia’s history that are housed within the building.

Teluk Intan River Cruise

Climb aboard the Teluk Intan River Cruise for a fun adventure, which brings you on a journey through the waters of the Perak River. See the place through the lens of a local, as a tour guide introduces the many interesting sites that sit along the bank of the river.

Also, catch a glimpse of the earliest water taxi that is still operational to this day. People staying in the neighbouring villages travel from one end of the river to another with ease using this mode of transportation. Along your ride, be sure to keep an eye out for floating restaurants that are also located along the river.

While on board, you will also get to enjoy a ride to Pulau Bangau, where you may come in close contact with a few feathery friends of all sizes, which can be found hiding amongst the trees of the island. This island stretches over 1,011 metres and houses a variety of birds across different species. Some species that you may be able to spot are the Grey Heron, Cattle Egret, Little Egret and the Purple Heron. These birds are usually seen sitting atop the branches of the trees where they are most likely safeguarding their nests.


The best time to take a trip on the Teluk Intan River Cruise is closer to sunset. During this time, you may have the opportunity to witness flocks of birds soar across the river searching for food. And that’s not all - another highlight of the sunset cruise is also the bright and shimmering fireflies that buzz around the area, beautifully lighting their way across the waters.

Prices for the Teluk Intan River Cruise :

  • Package A

Priced at RM 28, Package A includes a 45-minute ride around the river with historical sites along the way, as well as a trip to Pulau Bangau.

  • Package B

Priced at RM 45, Package B is a 90-minute boat ride along the river to Pulau Bangau.

  • Package C

Priced at RM 30, Package C is a 45-minute ride, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy firefly-spotting around the area at night.

*Prices are subject to change. Visit Teluk Intan River Cruise's official website for price confirmation.

Local Food In Teluk Intan

One of the more popular local foods that stand out in this town is the popular Chee Cheong Fun (steamed rice noodle rolls). This authentic dish consists of a thin rice noodle that is filled with crunchy turnips and dried shrimp that is best enjoyed with a side of freshly sliced pickled chillies for that extra zing. Below are some places that serve the best Chee Cheong Fun in town:

      • Sam Siew Yeh Chee Cheong Fun (non-halal)
      • Liew Kee (Ah Lek) Chee Cheong Fun (Pork-Free)
      • W3637 Chee Cheong Fun (non-halal)

How to Get to Teluk Intan

The easiest way to get to Teluk Intan by public transport is to hop onto the ETS. Take the train all the way to the Tapah station and from there, you can easily grab a taxi or any e-hailing service for a ride to Teluk Intan directly.

Another public transport alternative is by taking the bus. Simply get onto the StarMart Express and disembark at the Klang Sentral. From there, interchange to the bus that takes you straight to Teluk Intan.

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