Timah Tasoh Lake


A Hidden Gem to Behold at Timah Tasoh Lake

This man-made reservoir is located in the northernmost state of Perlis. Stretching over 1,300 hectares, Timah Tasoh Lake was first established in 1987 and completed in 1992, and currently acts as a water catchment area for its surroundings. The name Timah Tasoh was derived by combining the names of the two rivers that flow into the lake, Sungai Timah and Sungai Tasoh.

Timah Tasoh Lake is surrounded by outstanding views of luscious greenery and billowing hills that border the lake. Other than it being popular and well-loved for its tranquillity and magnificent scenery, the lake also serves many other purposes to the state namely preventing floods. This large water catchment can hold up to 35.3 million litres of water.

Today, The area of Timah Tasoh Lake is also a calming sanctuary for migrating birds in the area. The birds are often seen here during the winter seasons in the northern hemisphere. There are over 135 to 145 species of birds that take refuge at the Timah Tasoh Lake. The best time to visit is during the months of October to March to capture the sights of these unique birds.

The Timah Tasoh Lake has also been declared a key area for birds and biological diversity by the International Bird Life, a global partnership of conservation organisations. To maintain its importance, a bird sanctuary has been established to protect the habitat of migratory birds that flock to Timah Tasoh Lake. The lake has also been identified as the perfect spot for fish breeding and other aquaculture projects.

Because of its serene and tranquil environment, the Timah Tasoh Lake is the perfect place for those who are looking to truly relax and unwind. Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and surround yourself with pristine nature and calming waters. The ideal time to visit the Timah Tasoh Lake is during sunset. At this time, you can relish in the glorious sunset as it lays on the horizon.

To reach the Timah Tasoh Lake, visitors who are driving can take the North-South Expressway. Exit on 79 and head towards Arau, Kangar and Kuala Perlis. You can also travel to the Timah Tasoh Lake via public transport. Take the ETS from KL Sentral to Bukit Keteri and from there, it is a 16-minute drive away, which can be reached via taxi or any e-hailing service. In addition, you can also take the bus from Terminal Bus Sepadu, which will take you to the Kangar Bus Terminal. Once you reach there, you can board bus number T11, which will take you to Beseri. From the Beseri bus stop, simply hop into a taxi or any e-hailing service car to reach the Timah Tasoh Lake.

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