Top Eateries in Perlis for Foodies at Heart


Perlis is known for its local delights and a string of unique restaurants. What better way to explore the state than to sample its mouth-watering selection of foods from its local restaurants and cafes? Here, prepare to be amused by its unique restaurant locations in one-of-a-kind spots from being hidden amidst tall palm trees to serenely situated beside paddy fields, adding to its local charm. Below are some must-visits on your next adventure to Perlis, as approved by locals. 

Warung Tepi Sawah

Enjoy a truly Malaysian breakfast overlooking breathtaking views of vast paddy fields. This unique restaurant is located in the town of Kangar in Perlis and is only open for breakfast service.

Warung Tepi Sawah serves a wide variety of mouth-watering delicacies including the roti telur sarang burung (fried eggs nestled in freshly made flatbread) to an assortment of kuih muih (glutinous snacks), giving you a taste of a traditionally authentic Malaysian breakfast as you bask in its surrounding beauty. 

Every dish at Warung Tepi Sawah is freshly cooked on-site for you to enjoy. So, pick your favourites and pay at the counter before adjourning to the open-air seating to enjoy your meal. If you wish to dine indoors, the restaurant has a second storey, featuring a huge window that allows you to gaze out at the wide fields. After a delicious meal, take a stroll out to the fields to capture some picture-perfect shots as memories of this unique dining experience.

Ladang Nipah Kipli

Head over to Ladang Nipah Kipli in Perlis for a meal amongst the tall and glorious palm trees. This restaurant is surrounded by over 200 Nipah palm trees serving as the backdrop for you to enjoy a warm and hearty bowl of laksa (a spicy local noodle dish) or rice field crabs under the shady trees. Ladang Nipah Kipli is also famous for air nira nipah. Adored by many locals, this drink is a sweet treat that comes from the nipah tree.

The exterior of the restaurant is decorated with one-of-a-kind furnishings such as a colourful swing and an iconic crab statement piece. In addition, Ladang Nipah Kipli also has a vibrant selection of trees and flowers that add to the beauty of the exterior. Sit atop unique swings and enjoy your meal while you take in the blue and windy skies around the area. 

Api Api Ikan Bakar

If you are looking for a comforting meal of freshly-cooked seafood, then Api Api Ikan Bakar is the place for you. Located by the river banks also means you will get to enjoy your meal while listening to the gentle sounds of lapping waves by your side.

While you are here, be sure to order the famous ikan bakar (grilled fish). Smothered in a spice-packed sauce, this dish is a must-try and unlike other restaurants, Api Api Ikan Bakar grills the fish right before your eyes at the entrance of the restaurant, which is quite a spectacle to witness. The restaurant also serves up an array of other seafood dishes such as deep-fried squid, butter prawns and many more. 

Anjung Keli

This buffet-style restaurant is another one to check-off your list in Perlis. Located in the town of Kangar, Anjung Keli is packed with a wide variety of Malaysian dishes for you to sample. With the perfect mixture of traditional and modern Malay cuisines, this restaurant certainly combines the best of local Perlis flavours under one roof.

The perfect time to dine at Anjung Keli is at lunch. Although it can get crowded, the food is definitely worth the wait. Be sure to try out dishes such as ikan keli goreng (fried fish), ikan bakar (grilled fish), kerabu kaki ayam (chicken feet) and ulam (traditional salad).

Ngopi Kangar

 Photo Credit : perlisissosmall

If you are looking for the perfect cup of freshly-brewed coffee, then be sure to check out Ngopi Kangar in Perlis, which is yet another favourite with the locals. Not only is this one of the most affordable cafes you will find, but it also has an extensive menu, which includes items such as the Croissant Honey Chicken Mustard and Focaccia Beef, as well as a unique selection of drinks. 

Cynta Kopi

Enjoy a warm or cold cup of coffee paired with breathtaking scenery before you. At Cynta Kopi, you will get to delight in freshly baked treats and freshly brewed coffee all while sitting in an outdoor setting. The cafe is open every day from 4:00 PM to 12:00 PM except on Wednesdays. The operation hours of the cafe let you sip on your drink and enjoy the glorious sunset.

Sechaone Coffee

Photo Credit : perlisissosmall

The homey and comforting Sechaone Coffee brings you will have you relaxed as you immerse yourself in the wondrous flavours of their drinks and treats. With outdoor seating, customers can enjoy their tea time favourites with the breezy wind and awesome view of the area. Sechaone Coffee is open on Tuesdays to Sundays from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Grab a drink and snack and lounge outside the cafe while you sit back and gaze at the setting sun.


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