Tucked In Nature: Slumber Among Lush Greenery In Kuching, Sarawak


Can you hear that? The sound of nature calling and serenading with  its subtle voice. Around you, there is no other hue other than the beauty of nature. This kind of vista holds a rather eerie feeling when you are out by yourself, yet when you consume it with every senses you have, it will bewitch you to return and stay.                                                                            

Sarawak, also nicknamed as the “Land of the Hornbills” is located in the northwest region of Borneo Island. Being the largest state of Malaysia, it holds abundance of histories, ethnics and biodiversity. With an equatorial climate, it helps to nurture Sarawak’s tropical rainforest, home to unique flora and fauna, along with intriguing people living side by side.

Now, let’s talk about its capital city, Kuching. One might think, what kind of experience would you get in a city? Do we get to feel the lush greens without having to stray far from modernization? Fear not as Kuching got you all covered.

For those who might want to keep away from wild animals on the ground, there are abundance of bewildering places Sarawak have to offer.

Photo courtesy bikeandtours.com

1. The Culvert

Photo courtesy theculvert.com

Wanting a place within nature but does not lack the modern touch? The Culvert is basically your answer. You’ll be enjoying nature at its best from your fancy cylindrical room!

Relax your muscle by doing some yoga or reading a book on the hammock. Ease you aching body and take a swim at their special underwater sound pool without having to compromise with the view.

Other than being eye-pleasing, you could go for a hike and enjoy the sunset as the place is located near Mount. Santubong. Take a breather at the nearby beach and let loose at their sauna.

Photo courtesy theculvert.com

The Culvert

Address                    : Lot 285, Off Jalan Sultan Tengah, Kuching.

Contact                     : 019-889 9925

Website                     : theculvert.com

Distance to Town     : 33.7km to Kuching

2 . Borneo Highlands Resort

Photo courtesy borneohighlands.com.my

Imagine a place with the perfect peace and tranquility, untouched and pristine, filled with romance. Borneo Highlands Resort is where you should head on to.

Cocooned in a lush green jungle that is teeming with unique flora & fauna, it sits approximately 1,000 metres above sea level on the Penrissen Range, which is amongst the world’s oldest and second largest rainforests

Here at Borneo Highlands Resort, your exclusivity and privacy is their utmost priority. With only 30 rooms at the clubhouse and 10 rooms at the jungle cabins, the number of guests are limited and controlled to ensure high level and exclusive standard of service towards the valued guests.

Enjoy a tram ride to view the majestic Kalimantan View Point panaromic sight. You are sure to be blown away!

Photo courtesy borneohighlands.com.my

Borneo Highlands Resort

Address                   : Jalan Borneo Heights, 94200 Padawan, Kuching.

Contact                    : 016-886 0790

Website                    : borneohighlands.com.my

Distance to Town  : 64km to Kuching

3. The Village House

Photo courtesy villagehouse.com.my

Wanting to experience the kampung (village) vibes, with the services of a 3 starred hotel? Then, The Village House might be your perfect match!

Visitors are lining up for their rustic architecture. As if you are living the past life of a traditional Malay family, this place shall deliver you to a different realm of coziness.

The Village House offers 10 standard rooms and 2 suites that will definitely cover your privacy along your stay.

Photo courtesy villagehouse.com.my

The Village House

Address                   : Lot 634, Off Jalan Pantai Puteri, Santubong Village.

Contact                    : 082-846-166

Website                    : villagehouse.com.my

Distance to Town  : 40km to Kuching

4. Damai Beach Resort Kuching

Photo courtesy damaibeachresort.com

How about a place where extravagant is not enough. Having a pool beside the sea, Damai Beach Resort Kuching promises a cross-over of luxury and a taste of Sarawak traditional deco.

Located near Mount. Santubong, you shall feel as if nature is hugging you from every angle. If you are into a grandeur stay, you could opt for their presidential suite.

Photo courtesy damaibeachresort.com

Damai Beach Resort

Address                   : Teluk Bandung Santubong, 93756 Kuching.

Contact                    : 082-846-999

Website                    : damaibeachresort.com

Distance to Town  : 36km to Kuching

5. Permai Rainforest Resort

Photo courtesy permairainforest.com

For those nature junkies that could never get their body to stop moving, consider Permai Rainforest Resort as one of your main vacation stop.

Known for its eco-resort stay, Permai Rainforest Resort offers a unique experience so that you will feel very close to nature. One of it being the tree house room option that is 20 meters above ground!

Photo courtesy permairainforest.com

Permai Rainforest Resort

Address                   : Teluk Penyuk, Jalan Sultan Tengah, Santubong, Kuching.

Contact                    : 082-846-490

Website                    : permairainforest.com

Distance to Town  : 36km to Kuching

So, what are you waiting for?

Sarawak welcomes you to discover their hidden treasures for you to keep and remember.

As city dwellers, getting surrounded by myriad of trees sounds intimidating. Yes, we do have gardens and parks in the city, but it would never be and feel the same as being one with nature. See you!


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