Zoo Negara


Come and spend your day surrounded by ferocious and exotic animals amidst nature’s lush beauty at Zoo Negara. First opening its doors on the 14th of November 1963, this worldwide popular zoo has since been managed by the Malaysian Zoological Society, encompassing over 100 acres of land, and is home to over 3472 specimens and 301 species, making it the biggest zoo in Malaysia.

Located just 5 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur’s city centre, Zoo Negara is open daily from 9 AM until 5 PM, with last admission at 4 PM. Featuring an open concept, the zoo allows visitors to view the animals roaming free in their large and spacious exhibits.

Simply hop on the LRT at the nearest train station and hop off at Wangsa Maju station, where you can board a taxi to get to the zoo. Alternatively, Rapid KL buses - bus number 253 (departing from Wangsa Maju LRT station) or bus number 220 (departing from Lebuh Ampang, Kuala Lumpur) will also take you to the zoo.


How You Can Spend Your Day at the Zoo

With over 12 sections to visit, Zoo Negara is home to a vast variety of animals. Drop by the Giant Panda Conservation Centre to visit Xing Xing and Liang Liang, the first two giant pandas in Malaysia. Here, you will also get a glimpse of playful interactions between the pandas and their zookeepers during feeding time.

Next, dive deep into one of the largest aquarium exhibits where you will have opportunities to view and learn so much more about the Malaysian river system up close.

Also, spot colourful birds in the Bird Aviary, which holds the biggest collections of bird species. From hornbills to peacocks, the bird exhibit has become one of the most famous exhibits of the zoo.

Enjoy the creepy crawlies? Pop over to the reptile house to meet the largest crocodile species and the longest snake species in the world, as well as a vast reptile collection in South East Asia.

And what is a zoo without the king of the jungle? Visit the mammal exhibits where you will be able to view a huge variety of mammals from Asia and learn so much more about them.

In addition to the exhibits, Zoo Negara is also packed with fun and knowledgeable activities for the whole family. From its multi-animal show, where you will witness wondrous tricks from many animals to the many well-informed awareness talks about tigers, orangutans and elephants to learn more about animal conservation efforts, there is something for everyone.

Tram rides are also available for the entire day at the zoo. Children can enjoy their day at the zoo with a variety of fun activities such as animal feeding, interactive talks, etc. What’s more? You can also host multiple events at the zoo, from birthdays to weddings in one of their well-maintained halls around the zoo.

Feeling peckish? Dining at the zoo is made extra fun by its variety of animal-themed restaurants and cafes to choose from.

While you’re there, don’t miss out on checking out the largest honey producer in Malaysia at the Bee Museum which is filled with giant bees.

Interested in learning what it is like to work at the zoo? Zoo Negara opens its volunteer programme to everyone above the age of 13 for a taste of life at the zoo.

Alternatively, experience a fun and thrilling weekend at the zoo with the zoo’s Camp Programme. This 2-day-1-night zoo camp takes place on weekends and gives you an intimate opportunity to learn more about the animals and wildlife conservation within an informal learning environment.

Educational outdoor activities are also hosted by the Education Department in Zoo Negara, which includes a Night Walk Programme, Wildlife Enrichment Programme and a Multi-animal Show.

Ticket pricing for the camp programme starts at RM122 for each adult and child attending.

Book your ticket for Zoo Negara’s Camp Programme here


Adopt an Animal at the Zoo

Zoo Negara offers opportunities for the public to adopt one or as many of their animals as you wish to. This adoption programme encourages people to donate in order to support the well-being of all zoo animals. Adopting an animal lends a hand in maintaining the animal’s food, enrichment and veterinary care. Because all animals are up for public adoption, you will be able to choose any animal of your choice to contribute towards.

Partnering with Ticket2u, Zoo Negara creates a new and seamless way for the public to donate by choosing from any of the adoption packages that are provided by the zoo. With each contribution, you will receive a certificate of adoption.

Further information on tiered donations and rewards below.

  • Donations of RM50 or more will come with an adoption certificate and one Zoo Negara voucher.
  • Donations of RM100 or more will come with an adoption certificate and two Zoo Negara vouchers.
  • Donations of RM200 or more will come with an adoption certificate and four Zoo Negara vouchers.
  • Donations of RM500 or more will come with an adoption certificate and six Zoo Negara vouchers.

Adopt an animal today by donating here

Entrance Fees and Rates

Zoo Negara offers reasonable and accessible admission rates for all visitors.


RM45 for Malaysian Citizens. 

RM50 for Non-Malaysian Citizens With Permits (working permits, dependent passes or i-Kad holders).

RM88 for Non-Malaysian Citizens Without Permits.


RM18 for Malaysian Citizens between the ages of 3 to 12 years old. 

RM25 for Non-Malaysian Children of Parents with Permits. 

RM43 for Non-Malaysian Children of Parents without Permits.

Senior Citizens

RM23 for Malaysian Citizens only, aged 60 years and above. 

Planning a school field trip? Zoo Negara offers friendly school rates at RM15 per student. Teachers can enjoy free admission with every 10 students they bring along. Additional teachers will have to pay a fee of RM17 upon entry.

Book your Zoo Negara tickets in advance here

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