Mount Kinabalu

A Breathtaking Expedition

4 Days 3 Nights

Located on the highest peak of Borneo’s Crocker Range, Mount Kinabalu is the place to go for hiking enthusiasts from all around the globe. One can immerse themselves in the breathtaking atmosphere of the renowned summit, without having to break a sweat. Here is a list of attractions that you can check out the next time you’re visiting Mount Kinabalu.


Botanical Garden

Exotic flowers and plants thrive in the Botanical Garden in Kinabalu Park. You can take a stroll on the well-made walking path while you feast your senses on the invigorating ambience of the blooming, vibrant flora of the garden. The list of plants that you can spot here includes the extensive variations of lively orchids, the carnivorous pitcher plant, Showy Asian grapes and so much more. Be sure to whip out your camera for an Instagram-worthy moment not to be missed.


Poring Hot Spring

Situated just an hour’s drive away from the park, Poring Hot Springs is the place to go if you are looking forward to relieving those muscle knots. The hot spring is a hot spot for locals and foreigners alike as it is the perfect place to unwind during the weekend. In case you’re wondering, the Japanese-style baths consist of open-air baths. You can use the taps provided to fill the baths with fresh water straight from the hot spring. There are also enclosed baths within gazebo-chalet like shelters should you prefer more privacy.


Canopy Walk

For a more elevated view of the lush rainforest surrounding Mount Kinabalu, check out the Canopy Walk nearby the Poring Hot Springs. Constructed from planks of woods and ropes, the suspended walkway is not for the faint-hearted. Zig-zag through the gigantic trees as you observe the often-overlooked insects and creepy crawlies that are a part of the rich ecosystem of the forest. Just be sure to wear proper shoes and you are good to go!


Rafflesia Park

Bid farewell to Mount Kinabalu by visiting one of its many Rafflesia parks. The parasitic plant is known for holding the reputation of being the largest flower on earth. Rafflesia plants are relatively difficult to find elsewhere and records have shown that it can take up to one year to fully bloom. So, be sure to grab the chance to witness this intriguing flower with your own eyes whenever you’re visiting Mount Kinabalu.


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