Bohey Dulang

Crown Jewel of Sabah’s Sea

5 Days 4 Nights

The floating oasis of Bohey Dulang is one of the most interesting islands to go to among the Tun Sakaran Marine Park archipelago. What used to be a part of a volcanic crater now forms a charming lagoon that draws visitors from across the globe. Here are a few activities that you can try at this paradise.



Start your trip by going on a hike at Bohey Dulang. Caution, the journey might be a little bit challenging due to the winding terrain but the experience is guaranteed to be worth it. You should know that the path is well maintained and there are wooden stair structures for most parts, so it wouldn’t pose that much of a trouble for you to reach the viewpoint.

As you ascend, take some time to appreciate the stunning flora and fauna along the path. Once you get on top, you are greeted with a bird’s eye view of the vista of lush greenery and clear blue sea. If you’re lucky, you can also spot patches of shallow reefs scattered around the cratered fringe of the island.


Tun Sakaran Marine Park / Giant Clams and Marine Invertabrate Hatchery

Snorkelling is one of the must-try activities here at the Tun Sakaran Marine Park. However, if you are looking for a change, visit the Giant Clam and Marine Invertebrate Hatchery instead. The hatchery is built on a wooden structure on stilts and houses a number of facilities such as an exhibition hall, laboratories, and spawning tanks among others. Here, you can learn more about the endangered species as well as the efforts taken to protect them from rapidly disappearing due to excessive harvesting, pollution and climate change, as well as other factors.



Bohey Dulang’s biodiversity also extends to more than 48 species of birds, some of which are rare and cannot be found elsewhere. Some known species that can be found in this quaint island are hornbills, partridges, owls, metallic and black-napped fruit doves. In case you missed it, the island was declared as a Bird Sanctuary in 1933 but the status was later revoked. Nevertheless, visitors still travel to Bohey Dulang for bird sightings even until up to this day.


Bajau Laut of Bohey Dulang

Get up close and personal with the fascinating sea gypsies or Bajau Laut of Bohey Dulang. They live communally on wooden boats (sampan) and on stilt huts across the archipelago. Bajau Lauts are exceptional divers and they are known for their ability to free dive to depths of over 20 metres while holding their breath! Although some of them have settled permanently on land, some still retain their nomadic lifestyle by being one with the ocean.


Island Hopping

End your trip in Bohey Dulang by going on island-hopping across Tun Sakaran Marine Park. The archipelago consists of several stunning islands such as Bodgaya, Tatangan, Salakan, Sabangkat, Maiga, and Matabuan. Be amazed by the picturesque view of the never-ending horizon of clear blue seas and soothing greeneries of the neighbouring island, perfect for a postcard-worthy shot.


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