Short Trip of History and Culture in Terengganu

3 Days 2 Nights

There are abundant other attractions in Terengganu apart from the normal sights of its well-known pristine islands such as Redang, Perhentian, Lang Tengah, and Kapas. Discover Terengganu’s precious culture and history for an unconventional trip to the East Coast of Malaysia.


Terengganu State Museum - Taman Tamadun Islam

Start your exploration in Terengganu by visiting the Terengganu State Museum, recognised as the biggest museum in Malaysia. A short ride will then take you to Taman Tamadun Islam where you will get to marvel around the picturesque Crystal Mosque as well as the Monument Park, displaying a close view of scaled monuments of various mosques around the world.

Don’t forget to indulge yourself in Terengganu’s delicacies: Keropok Lekor, best served as an evening meal.


Pulau Duyung - Teluk Ketapang Beach - Dapo Pata

Savour a plate of Nasi Dagang to kick start your 2nd day in Terengganu. Visit the fishermen village of Pulau Duyung to embrace Terengganu’s tradition of boat building and feast your eyes on the mesmerizing handcrafts of boats, built by talented craftsmen.

In the evening, pay a visit to Teluk Ketapang Beach and treat yourself with the infamous beach meals of Terengganu; scrumptious meals of seafood served with crunchy bites. Continue your food feast by visiting Dapo Pata, a clump of small shops which is most vibrant at night.


Pasar Payang - Chinatown - Tengku Tengah Zaharah

End your trip by visiting the historic Pasar Payang. Souvenirs, handicrafts, apparels, and unique traditional cakes are one of the best attractions in Pasar Payang.

Capture your memory in Terengganu’s own Chinatown and stroll along the fully decorated alleys, displaying colourful arts and murals before ending your day at Terengganu’s floating mosque, Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque.

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