Best of Kuching: Heritage & Kampong Bike Tour @ Sarawak Delta Geopark


About this Package

Explore 85% of Kuching's key sights from Lonely Planet, delve into
heritage zones with temples, cross the Sarawak River on a sampan
boat, cycle through villages, and savor local street food at Kubah
Ria—an ideal morning adventure with family or friends!

Package Includes


•Discover temples and monuments in Kuching’s heritage zone.
•Explore rural kampongs and cycle along country paths.
•Learn about the heritage of Sarawak and its people.
•Cruise across the Sarawak River on a traditional sampan
•Visit the vibrant, open-air market of Kubah Ria, a must-visit
(but lesser-known) sight on the tour.
•Learn about and taste exotic fruits and vegetables and shop
for local, artisan treats.


•Local English-speaking guide
•Bike and helmet
•Boat fees
•Food/local fruit samples and a refreshment
•Rain ponchos are provided in the event of rain

•Transportation from the hotel to the starting point
Package Info
  • from RM220.00
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