Explore the Wonders of the Mah Meri Cultural Village



Hidden in the wonders of Carey Island in Malaysia, the Mah Meri indigenous cultural village can be found. Showcasing and bringing their culture for everyone to have a taste, the Mah Meri tribe are here to help you learn and discover more about their way of living. Bask and participate in the adventurous and sublime life of this culture through their lifestyle, food and celebrations. Broaden your knowledge of the life of this nation through the wondrous activities that the journey takes you on.


About the Mah Meri Cultural Village

Founded in the year 2011, the Mah Meri Cultural Village aims to bring the Mah Meri, also known as the “Masked Men of Malaysia”, culture back to life and to the public. After settling down in the heart of Carey Island over 100 years ago, the Mah Meri tribe brought their culture and customs to everyone else. While providing employment to the Mah Meri tribe, the group ensures the continuity of their cultural practices, arts and rituals through the showcasing of their unique way of life.



The Mah Meri Cultural Village is situated amongst the vast palm oil plantation. Although there is no public transport available to travel directly to Carey Island. From the one-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur City Center to Teluk Panglima Garang, you will find yourself enticed by the beauty of the narrow roads and Malay villages that lead you to Carey Island.


Engage in the Wonders and Excitement of the Village

No place in Malaysia offers you this wonderful learning experience of the indigenous community like the Mah Meri Cultural Village. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Mah Meri culture throughout your visit. You will be able to grasp and experience the everyday life of this native lifestyle while participating in lively and fun communal celebrations held and guided by the locals. Guests are welcomed into the village with a traditional headdress presented by the tribe. Join in the fun learning experience with a leaf origami lesson which is recorded in the Malaysian Book of Records.

During your trip to this cultural village, you will be able to dip your toes into the life of the Mah Meri tribe. Experience a day of sea nomads' ceremonial ritual, being blown away by the live re-enactment as you get to relive unforgettable events and sacred rituals performed by the locals of the village. Drop by the Mangrove Conservation in the village for a fun tree planting activity as a gesture of giving back to the community. Feeling hungry? Stop by the restaurant for some local delights prepared by the locals of the community to satisfy your cravings. End your night by experiencing the traditional seaside village without electricity or running water at Tanjung Rhu, Carey Island.


Rates and Fees

The Mah Meri Cultural Villages offers a variety of packages that you will be spoilt to choose from. From their premium package which offers a welcoming ceremony and a full cultural show to participate in, to student prices in which students are able to visit and expand their knowledge of this indigenous tribe. The prices of tours are reasonably priced and start at RM25 per person on weekends and public holidays. If you wish to take it a step further and dive into the richness of the culture, opt for the full guided tour where you will be able to visit the cultural gallery, attend the cultural show as well as a traditional Mah Meri wedding ceremony and participate in wood carving and leaf origami lessons. The full package is priced at RM 95 per person.

The tours also allow you to choose a preferred language of your choice. With the Malay language tour which is priced at RM250, English Language & Malay at RM300 and Multi Lingual at RM500, you will be taken on a journey throughout the village with a tour guide by your side so you will not miss out on any fun.

If you wish to explore this cultural village on your own, Actsugi brings you an immersive VR-powered 360° guidebook. With just one click away, visitors can tour the Mah Meri Cultural Village all on their own.

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