Kilim River Cruise

Kilim River

The splashing sounds of your boat, the gentle harmony of the forest’s inhabitants, and the melodic voice of chirping birds will add to a perfect ambience of a stress-free vacation.

Wishing to add some serenity and greenery in your life? Let's take a sweet escape by cruising in Kilim River!

Nestled in Kilim Nature Park, Langkawi, this river flaunts its majestic beauty of mangrove forests – featuring prop roots of mangrove trees hanging above crystal-clear turquoise water and tiny fishes swimming gracefully around the rootlets.

Feasting Your Eyes on the Nocturnal Bats

One of the main destinations of the cruise is the Bat Cave, where visitors will be able to enjoy the sights of bats and their routines; flying, sleeping, and eating. They come in different forms – megabats and microbats. Megabats are known as fruit-eaters and they are more prominent in size while microbats or Vampire Bats, feast on insects and feed on other animals' blood.

"...populated by the various species of eagles such as the white-bellied fish eagle, sea eagles, and Brahminy kite."

Feeding the Eagles

Another mesmerizing activity worthy of inclusion to your cruise in Kilim River is feeding the eagles roaming the area. The cruise will stop upon a perfect spot for bird watching - populated by the various species of eagles such as the white-bellied fish eagle, sea eagles, and Brahminy kite. For the best experience of appreciating the sight of the eagles flying low and soaring upwards, make sure to visit during the migratory season: September and March.

" will be ‘transported’ to the sea of Andaman."

Visiting Hole in the Wall

Upon cruising through a narrow gap between two limestone cliffs, you will be ‘transported’ to the sea of Andaman. The gap was named Hole in the Wall and this journey is a signal for visitors to indulge in a variety of delicious meals. There are numerous fish farms and some mooring yachts in this spot, and you are welcomed to feast on scrumptious, freshly-cooked-from-the-farm meals here – in a floating restaurant!

Tour Duration and Fee

The duration of the tour is around one to four hours depending on the selected package. The longer the trip, the more places you can visit. The price of the packages also varies.


Langkawi Tourist Information Centre
Phone:(6)04- 966 7789/ 955 715

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