Iron Of Ancient Kedah To The World -The Untold Story 788BC 2D1N Package


About this Package

Archaeological research at Sungai Batu Archaeological Complex, Bujang Valley, Kedah allows for detailed research on 17 iron smelting sites, 11 river jetty, 17 port management (administrative) and a complex of ritual and Buddhist sites to be carried out  from 2009 until 2023. The complex is generally located within a 4 km square in palm oil plantation. The site is classified as an iron smelting sites based on the findings of iron ore (hematite, magnetite and geotite), bases of furnace, tuyere, iron ingots and iron slag that are still in-situ

Package Includes


1 night stay at Jerai Hill Resort twin/double sharing basis
1 x Breakfast
Transportation with Driver
Archaeological Site visits in Bujang Valley Geopark
Sg Batu @ 97 excavation sites
Guided Tour in Lembah Bujang
Mineral water 500ml per person per day
Experience first hand excavation at Sg Batu
Free T-Shirt


MPV- price from RM450/person min 13
Bus - price from RM430/person min 35
include driver


Package Highlights:
Padang Tok Sheikh – geosite with scientific + culture values. The formation of meta quartzite rock records the existence of fossil – indicate the deposition of Jerai was an ocean for last 550 million years ago!
Paddy Fields view from top of Mount Jerai
Telaga Tok Sheik – the natural spring water and believe to heal sickness
Ruins of several Hindu-Buddist Temples
Iron smelting hub
Unearthed merchant ship site
Administrative centers
Numerous ritual sites
10 jetties




Package Itinerary
Day 1 – Pick up from hotel in Penang/Butterworth and depart to Gunung Jerai, experience its tranquil surrounding & cool mountain. Upon arriving the local guide will lead and will explain the Lembah Bujang archaeology, candi dan stupas + visit the museum. Later check in Jerai Hill Resort. Overnight in resort.
Day 2 – Breakfast at hotel. Check out and proceed to Sg Batu Archaeological Site (the oldest South East Asia civilization ). Total of 97 excavated sites. Experience first-hand excavation on Sg Batu (guided). Late afternoon return back to hotel in Penang/Butterworth
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  • 18% off RM 550.00 from RM450.00
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