Kong Heng Square


Nestled in the centre of Ipoh Old Town, Kong Heng Square needs no introduction. Over the years, this previously abandoned rows of old buildings have become a must-visit for tourists. 

You can explore the many Instagrammable spots around Kong Heng SquareFrom orange bricks, old wooden windows, ruin walls, and big trees to mural paintings by local and international painters, Kong Heng Square is certainly the perfect place to take plenty of beautiful photos!  

An artisan market there sells an assortment of handcrafted items, such as pillows, jewellery, books, and other accessories. Most of the items are handmade by local vendors for charity purposes.  

Another place you should not miss is the BookXcess bookstore, which was previously a bank; hence, you can see metal vaults and deposit cash boxes used as part of the store interior decorations. There’s also a special museum dedicated to Malaysian film director, the late Yasmin Ahmad. Some of Yasmin’s personal belongings and famous works, including advertisements and memorable films, can be seen here. 

Kong Heng Square also boasts many eateries. At Kong Heng Kopitiam, you get to enjoy their huge portions of local delicacies including Ipoh’s signatures – white coffee, caramel pudding, toast served with butter and kaya, and many more. 

Other local cafés around the area also offer local favourites, such as nasi lemak and curry noodles, and western cuisines, as well as many choices of desserts. Try the ais kepal (shave ice), an ice-based dessert made by shaving a block of ice and flavouring it with syrup and other sweet ingredients, such as mango and grape.  

There are also a few attractions nearby Kong Heng Square, such as the Han Chin Pet Soo, which is the first Hakka tin mining museum in Malaysia. Art lovers should visit Tin Alley, a place that aims to promote art, cultural, heritage, creative and sustainable lifestyle. Also, don’t forget to drop by Concubine Lane, which is located behind Kong Heng Square, to get some souvenirs and local snacks. 


How to get there

Kong Heng Square is located in Ipoh Old Town and it’s just a short walking distance from
Concubine Lane


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