Finding Solace in Sekinchan

3 Days 2 Nights

Sekinchan is a small and quaint district, nestled in the west coast of Selangor. Easily recognizable by its sprawling paddy fields, there is definitely more than meets the eye in this town.


Paddy Processing Factory-Ah Ma House

City folks looking to experience something new are welcomed to visit the endless horizon of paddy fields here in Sekinchan. Loosely translated, Sekinchan means the “village suitable for plantation” in Mandarin and the bright green paddy lots truly live up to its name. Take a stroll and bask yourself in this agricultural feat and you may spot aqueducts (water paths), little bridges, and huts along the way.

While you are at it, you can also visit the Paddy Processing Factory and Gallery to gain more insights behind the humble origin of rice. Here, you can join the tour and learn more about the traditional paddy processing methods, the history behind Sekinchan, discover different types of rice and so much more. Apart from souvenirs and agricultural products, snacks are also sold at the mini-markets available there, in case you are feeling peckish.

There is another popular place in Sekinchan that you can swing by to grab a bite. Ah Ma House or Grandma House serves an array of traditional local Malay biscuits and desserts. You will also learn that visitors come here to get their hands on the kuih kapit (egg waffles) which is famous among both tourists and the locals. What's more, you’ll be delighted to know that the bakery in itself has a very welcoming and nostalgic decor that’ll bring you to a trip down memory lane. Antiques, vintage knick-knacks, and classic furniture are all meticulously placed, evoking that homely and cozy feeling you would get whenever you’re at your grandma’s house!


Bagan Fishing Village

Next, head on down to the Bagan Fishing Village to get a glimpse of the simple life. Here, you can get to know how the local fishermen go about their daily routine as well as learning new skills from them, such as repairing the fishing net. You might even get the chance to listen to their stories out in the sea.

Speaking of the sea, Sekinchan is also famous for its inexpensive range of seafood delights. There are plenty of restaurants for you to choose from. Just remember to call up ahead to make a reservation as these dining places are usually packed throughout the day. These restaurants serve fresh sea produce such as crabs, prawns as well as a selection of saltwater fishes and so much more, in their own distinct style of cooking. You definitely will not head back with a grumbling stomach!


Redang Beach-Khind Galleria-Sekinchan Wishing Tree

Release the inner child in you by going on kite-flying at Sekinchan’s most famous beach spot, the Redang Beach. You can purchase a kite from the vendors and learn how to fly them. Bear in mind that the wind is quite strong here thus you need to have enough strength to fly your kite.

Make a pit stop at the Khind Galleria to gain insights into the electrical product manufacturing process. The gallery showcases fans and other electrical products made by the homegrown Malaysian brand as well as the history of the brand dating back from its inception in 1961. Guaranteed to have you blown away!

Before you leave, swing by the Sekinchan Wishing Tree which is a stone’s throw away from the Redang Beach. Hundreds, if not thousands of wishes written on red strips of cloths hanging high above the branches of the looming tree can be seen. You can make a donation at the temple nearby and they will provide you with the red ribbon (that is if you are interested in making a wish) or you can just simply sit back and relax on the hammocks on the other trees.


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