Finding Solace in Sekinchan


Look no further than Sekinchan for a change of scenery, a breath of fresh air and serene places that will transport you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Commonly known as a village well-suited for plantation, visitors can intimately experience the slow life here at the paddy fields, which is the heart of Sekinchan.

The best time to pay a visit to Sekinchan, also affectionately known as the ‘rice bowl of Selangor’, is across March, April, September and October for its perfect weather and opportunities to view the endless stretches of green fields.



Spend a Day at the Paddy Fields

Start your day at Sekinchan amidst its luscious, green paddy fields. Known for its high production in rice, Sekinchan also offers a breathtaking view of the fields that are both calming as it is healing, as you prepare to be mesmerised by the bluest of skies juxtaposed by some of the greenest fields you will come across.

To fully experience the beauty of the fields in its entirety, rent a bicycle at the AMG Bicycle Rental area for a relaxing ride along the fields. For a more serene atmosphere, try to make it to experience the beauty of sunrise and its effect on the green fields first thing in the morning.

For a spot of lunch, stop by Hay! Cafe, which is located right beside the paddy fields. From here, visitors can enjoy the best view of the wide open paddy fields while indulging in a mouthwatering meal paired with a refreshing drink. The cafe serves up a range of delicious food options from local delights to cakes and desserts, so there’s something to satisfy every craving.

After a scrumptious lunch, drop by the Rice Mill Factory and Paddy Gallery to deepen your knowledge in paddy production at Sekinchan. At the Rice Mill Factory, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the complete process of harvesting and transportation of rice. The Paddy Gallery on the other hand, is where paddy-planting and paddy-processing are explained. There will also be videos shared on the process of paddy plantation using a mechanised planting method for those who are interested.

Last but not least, end the night at the SKC Paddy View Foodcourt 29 for a delicious seafood dinner. Located in the centre of the paddy fields, visitors can enjoy their meals overlooking a stunning sunset.


Spend a Day Along the Beach

While you’re here, don’t miss the Sekinchan Wishing Tree, which is located near Redang Beach. Here, you will see countless wishes that were written on pieces of red cloth hanging from the branches of the tree. Visitors are encouraged to write down their wishes on the red ribbons provided by the temple in exchange for a small donation, before proceeding to tie it along with a coin and finally tossing it up onto the tree.

Next, stop by the Khind Galleria to get a glimpse of the electrical products manufacturing process. This proudly Malaysian electrical brand showcases a variety of products ranging from fan-favourites such as fans, blenders and rice cookers to many others that will have you blown away

In the evening, make your way back to Redang Beach to capture the mesmerising view of the sunset, while strolling along the beach to soak in the calm and serenity of the moment. There is also the option to purchase a kite to fly it around the beach. Local vendors are available along the beach, selling refreshing cones of ice cream as well as juicy fruits for you to snack on as you enjoy the sunset.


The Beauty of Fishing Villages

Don’t leave without spending the day at Sky Mirror. This mystery island is a seabed that emerges above water for just a few hours at low tide, revealing an expansive sand flat. You won’t want to miss the beautiful scenery Sky Mirror has to offer as you capture beautiful photos that showcase the reflection of the water.

You may purchase your tickets through the official Sky Mirror Website

Drop by the Bagan Fishing Village to get a glimpse of the fishing life in Sekinchan. Interact with local fishermen as they mend their fishing nets and set out for a day's work or watch the process up-close of fishermen sorting out the catch of the day.

Cap off the night at Jiann Chyi restaurant in Bagan Village for a fresh and delectable seafood dinner. The restaurant is widely known for its seafood porridge, which is packed with meaty shark slices, fresh fish balls and much more. After dinner, stroll along the village and grab a few souvenirs to take home with you.

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