Pulau Kukup

Uncover Pulau Kukup’s Celestial Coastline

3 Days 2 Nights

Mainly an untouched island where mangrove trees thrive, Pulau Kukup offers an unforgettable experience with Mother Nature and all its wonders. The island has its fair share of ancient folklores. Nevertheless, Pulau Kukup beckons visitors to come and have a roaring good time.


Mangrove Rainforest Tour

The unique biodiversity that exists on Pulau Kukup has gained the attention of scientists and researchers from across the globe. Gaining its status as a national park in the year 1997, you can experience the diverse flora and fauna in this wide uninhabited mangrove island.

The park is home to several rare species of lizards, fishes, and monkeys, among others. You can hop on a boat to tour around the mangrove rainforest. While you’re at it, try to keep your eyes peeled for the cheeky long-tailed macaques hiding among the trees. If you prefer to have some alone time, there is an option for you to explore the surrounding area by going for a stroll on the boardwalk. Interpretative signages are thoughtfully placed around the vicinity to guide you through the location, as well as providing facts on the wonderful ecosystem.


Birdwatching - Plant Mangrove Trees

Bird enthusiasts are in for a treat! Pulau Kukup is the migratory site for exotic birds, especially during the months of September to April. The mangroves provide a safe place for birds to roost and the mudflat that surrounds the area is a great feeding ground for them. Not only that! Pulau Kukup is also the home for several endangered birds, namely the Milky Stork, the Chinese Egret, and the Mangrove Pitta.

To get an unprecedented view of the island, you can climb on top of the six-storey tower that is Pulau Kukup’s Aery. This, you can enjoy the quiet and peaceful surroundings of the island uninterrupted, as well as taking a glance at other neighbouring islands within the region. The tower is also perfect for birdwatching so do bring along your binoculars with you.

If conservation is your thing, you can have a go at planting mangrove trees here in Pulau Kukup. Just let the park authorities know and they will be glad to offer you the assistance that you need. This is a great activity to do especially if you are going on the trip together with a group of friends.


Kukup Laut - Coastway Restaurant

On the last day of your trip, visit the quaint fishing village of Kukup Laut. Get acquainted with the locals as they take you around the village, which by the way, is built on stilts above the mangrove shorelines. Other than that, you can also grab local products such as belacan, ikan bilis, and salted fish sold there as souvenirs.

Before you leave, make sure you swing by the Coastway Restaurant where you can feast on fresh catches from the sea. Pulau Kukup is famous for its seafood, fit for a delightful meal.


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