Crocker Range National Park

Altitude and Adrenaline Combined

4 Days 3 Nights

Easily recognizable as the largest park in Sabah, Crocker Range National Park offers an array of interesting flora and fauna that is found nowhere else. Take a peek into this diverse ecosystem and the amazing experiences that await you.


Hiking at The Crocker Trail

Start your exploration by embarking on a hike. There are different trails for you to choose from. The Crocker trail, for example, is one of the famous trails among tourists. It is fairly easy to navigate to and on top of that, you can see the biodiversity of the forest as you go along. Pay close attention to the shrubs and you might spot some interesting plants and critters. You can also have a go at this trail during night time and chances are, you might encounter wildlife such as the sun bear, civet, barking deer, and other nocturnal animals that roam the territory.


Water Rafting at Kiulu River / Padas River

Turn it up a notch by going on white water rafting at the Crocker Range National Park. Proper rafting facilities are available nearby the national park. The Kiulu River offers a gentler experience especially for beginners who are interested in trying out this activity. For adrenaline junkies, the Padas River will challenge your endurance as the full run covers 23 km, which features seven rapids for you to maneuver along the course.


Mahua Waterfall

Swing by Mahua Waterfall to get a taste of the eco-garden that thrives around it. Bugs and peculiar plants surround the path leading up to the 17 metres tall waterfall. You can swim, but you are advised to do so with precaution or just dip your feet into the pool and enjoy the refreshing breeze of this majestic scenery.


Observatory Tower-Crocker Nature Centre

End your trip to Crocker Range National Park by visiting the Observatory Tower for a postcard-worthy photo op. Climb on top to get an unparalleled view of the foliage that stretches across the backbone of Sabah. The tower is just a stone's throw away from another tourist attraction which is the Crocker Nature Centre, where specimens of flora and faunas are on display for your perusal. Be sure to stop by the restaurant next door to grab a bite before you leave.

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