Gawai Open House AT Matop Longhouse


About this Package

Experience authentic Iban culture at Gawai Open House, Matop Longhouse. Witness the traditional Ngabang, Gawai Parade at Betong, and stay two nights in a longhouse. Visit Fort Alice and Fort Lily.

Package Includes


2 nights @ Engkranji Longhouse 


Package Highlights:
•Experience the authentic culture of the Iban community with Gawai Open House tour from 7th – 9th June 2024
•Participate in the traditional Ngabang Gawai (visiting Gawai Open House) at Matop Longhouse, a historic 28-door longhouse built on massive belian (ironwood) pillars located along the Paku River.
•Witness the spectacular traditional Gawai Parade (Niti Daun) at the Betong Parade Ground
•Stay for two nights in a traditional Iban longhouse
•Experience gastronomy of the Iban community such as manok pansoh and kueh jala
•Visit Fort Alice and Fort Lily


Package Inclusive:
•Tour Guide

Package Exclusive:
•Other items not mentioned 

Package Info
  • from RM800.00
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