Key Information for Travelers to Malaysia.

Thursday, 09 April 2020


Dear Friends of Malaysia,

Here in Malaysia, due to the current covid-19 situation, we are staying at home in solidarity, answering the call from the government to stay put in a bid to flatten the infection curve. We hope that you are doing well wherever you are as we work in our own capacity to help eliminate this pandemic together.

Beginning 3 April 2020, all returnees from overseas travel including Malaysians and foreigners who are permitted to enter Malaysia are required to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Projecting a large number of returnees, the government of Malaysia had gazetted a total of 472 facilities to accommodate them including three- and four-star hotels.

Once they have cleared Immigration at the airport, returnees will be transported to the designated quarantine facilities for the 14-day quarantine requirement.

Returnees are expected to remain in their rooms at all times and will be supplied with 3 meals a day throughout the quarantine period for free. They will be monitored for signs and symptoms of covid-19 daily.

The Malaysian government has allowed the inclusion of selected hotels to be gazetted as quarantine centres not only to monitor the health of the returnees to prevent possible covid-19 transmissions, but also to ensure that they are comfortable while adhering to the quarantine.

Many hotels welcome the decision and consider it part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) to accommodate quarantined individuals during this difficult time in the hopes that this will be the impetus to revive the industry which had been hit hard due to the pandemic.

As of 8 April 2020, a number of 112 hotels had been listed as quarantine centres to facilitate individuals returning from overseas.

For a more detailed quarantine process through the perspective of the some of the returnees who are currently undergoing quarantine, click here.

On the same positive note, we are pleased to see the recovery of 121 more patients today, which brings the total recovery to 1,608 cases in Malaysia. As of 6 April, Malaysia recorded a 32.7% rate of recovery, which was the highest in the world. Singapore recorded 24.4%, Hong Kong at 22.54% while the world average was at 21.01%.

Our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude go to our medical heroes and volunteers in their unceasing efforts to ensure our protection, we thank you.

Stay safe, stay positive.

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