Key Information for Travelers to Malaysia.

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Dear Friends of Malaysia,

We are pleased to note that Malaysia is currently in the recovery phase as the enforced Movement Control Order (MCO) has started to flatten the curve in fighting against COVID- 19.

While the number of local transmission seems to be levelling off, we should be cautious by practising social distancing in order to avoid any catastrophic surge for the worst case scenario.

As of April 30, there is an increase in the number of COVID-19 recoveries, totalling to 4,171 in which it represents 69.49% of the total positive cases.

We also believe that most of Malaysians who have been stranded in their hometowns due to the MCO and wanted to return homes or workplaces, will relieve with the introduction of smart phone application for interstate travel between May 1 and 3.

This Gerak Malaysia app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Huawei App Gallery, will generate a unique QR code that will be scanned by police personnel manning the roadblocks.

The system which requires applicants to allow the authorities to track their current locations via Global Positioning System (GPS), is used in monitoring the nationwide movement of the people in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

While this indicates the government willingness to relax some travel restrictions as stranded university students on campus are also allowed to return home, inessential travel during the coronavirus pandemic is still not made possible.

We know that many of us are looking back fondly on the halcyon days of travel. However, travel for the post COVID-19 will definitely be different.

Not only travellers will adopt stringent hygiene standard as part of the new normal, it is likely that virtual travel experience will influence their travel behaviour.

Besides the safety reason, we also anticipate the use of digital technology is inevitable as the virtual or live streaming, for instance, will end up becoming the new real that triggers the rise of experiential travel.

Some travellers might also prefer personal space, avoiding densely populated cities and looking for more isolated, off the beaten path experiences and places including nature, outdoor activities or rural countryside.

On the other hand, the domestic tourism is expected to bounce back for post COVID-19 but after all, it is about putting the people first as travellers will value travel experiences that provide them with more safety guarantees and therefore our travel operators must be creative in their offerings.

Here in Malaysia, we are promoting Cuti-Cuti Malaysia campaign as to encourage more Malaysians to enjoy local holiday destinations. But until the right time comes, stay safe and healthy!

Be informed about Malaysia
as a travel destination.