Key Information for Travelers to Malaysia.

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Dear Friends of Malaysia,

The Malaysian government has unveiled the National Recovery Plan, a four-phase, post-pandemic exit plan which projects the nation to gradually open up most of the economic and social sectors, earliest by the end of this October, based on the current projection of the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme.

According to our Prime Minister, Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Mahiaddin Bin Haji Md Yasin, Malaysia is presently in the first phase of this exit plan with the enforced total lockdown known as the Movement Control Order (MCO 3.0), which is now being extended for another two weeks, from 15 to 28 June 2021.

The transition to a second phase that is expected to take place in July and August 2021, will depend on three main threshold indicators with average daily COVID-19 cases to dip below 4,000, and 10 per cent of the population to be fully vaccinated besides the intensive care unit (ICU) occupancy rates at hospitals to fall to a moderate level.

More economic sectors will be allowed in the second phase such as the manufacturing industry to operate up to 80 per cent capacity except for textile and furniture production.


The third phase, which is targeted to commence in September 2021, will see all manufacturing activities be permitted subject to standard operating procedures (SOP) compliance, including the education sector and certain sporting activities which can resume in stages.


Some curbs on social sectors remain, especially those listed as high-risk activities such as conventions, pubs, spas and beauty salons. However, the transition to the third phase could only take place after the average daily COVID-19 cases drop below 2,000 and 40 per cent of the population has to be fully inoculated while the healthcare system is at a comfortable load with enough beds available in ICUs.


A full reopening of the economic sector is projected from November 2021 onwards, with more restrictions on social activities to be lifted if the daily COVID-19 cases dipped below 500 and 60 per cent of the population has been fully vaccinated.

Interstate travel will then be allowed, and the domestic tourism sector can also be reopened subject to tight SOPs. With more than 300 COVID-19 vaccination centres expected to be opened soon, as well as an increase in the vaccine supply plus a further boost in the daily vaccination rate, Malaysia is expected to achieve herd immunity by the end of 2021.

As of 16 June 2021, another 7,240 COVID-19 patients have recovered so far in Malaysia, and the overall COVID-19 recovery rate is at 89.29%. At the same time, Malaysia also recorded 5,150 new cases, totalling 673,026 cases nationwide. The total number of deaths is 4,142 cases or representing 0.61% of the confirmed cases.


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