Key Information for Travelers to Malaysia.

Saturday, 02 May 2020

Dear Friends of Malaysia,

Yesterday, we welcome more happy news when our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced the easing of the Movement Control Order (MCO) through his live telecast in conjunction with Labour Day. Malaysia is ready to open most economic activities from 4 May 2020, provided that strict guidelines are adhered to properly.

The decision has been made taking into account that we have seen more green zones areas compared to red zones, with the increase in cases of recovery. New recovery cases have consistently shown greater numbers exceeding the new covid-19 positive cases reported daily.

To ensure social distancing is still in practice, activities that involve mass gathering and body contact are still forbidden including social events (kenduri), theme parks, Ramadan bazaars, karaoke, entertainment centres as well as sporting events. However, outdoor activities that involve less than 10 people and can be done in solitary are allowed such as jogging, running, cycling and golfing.

While many economic sectors are given the permission to operate under strict SOPs, employers are advised to implement flexibility in their work schedule to reduce the number of workers available at a time. Government sector and non-essential services that can operate from home are advised to continue Working from Home (WFH). Though some restrictions on movement are slowly lifted off, everyone is still advised not to leave home unless necessary.

To prevent large crowds and mass movement, cross-state travels are still banned except for workers who need to go back to work after being stuck at their hometowns. Employers are responsible to issue instructions to inform their employees on the new SOPs.

More details will be added periodically on Malaysian National Security Council’s website as and when new updates are available. Everyone is encouraged to visit the official website for the list of economic sectors and activities allowed with this easing of MCO.

As of today, Malaysia recorded a total of 4,326 discharged patients. This translates to a 70% recovery rate in Malaysia, which is amongst the highest in the world.

As we celebrate more recovery and the ease in restrictions, let us continue to be vigilant and keep practising social distance, wear masks and avoid unnecessary movements in order to prevent further spread of this pandemic.

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