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Friday, 17 April 2020


Dear Friends of Malaysia,

Malaysia has now entered the third phase of Movement Control Order (MCO), a recovery phase which takes effect from 15 until 28 April 2020. The two-week phase follows the first and second phases of MCO which commenced on 18 March that aims to flatten the infection curve and hopefully eliminate the virus altogether. To effectively break the chain of infection largely depends on the compliance of citizens to avoid from making unnecessary movements outside their homes. The first and second phases of MCO have proven successful as new cases show a declining trend.

JP Morgan, the global research powerhouse, projected that Malaysia would see a significant rise in covid-19 cases and hit the peak, estimated at 6,300 cases by 14 April. However, Malaysia has proven itself with the support from all Malaysian and recorded much less than the projected peak on 14 April. We hope that it will continue to diminish and infected patients will recover soon.

We are pleased to see that the rate of patients discharged increases to 56.5% as of 17 April (compared to 24.82% average rate of recovery globally) which puts Malaysia amongst countries with the highest rates of recovery worldwide. This attests to the amazing health sector services in Malaysia as well as the dedication shown by our medical professionals in this fight against covid-19.Today, we see the recovery of 201 more patients, which brings the total recovery to 2,967 cases in Malaysia.

While we face this unprecedented challenge in Malaysia, it is enlightening to see that the more fortunate of us turn to help those in need to ensure their welfare. The homeless have been given comfortable amenities and essentials in a bid to boost social distancing and ensure proper sanitation. They have received aids in the form of sustenance, accommodation as well as counselling from government bodies as well as NGOs who have come forward to offer assistance.

Under the stimulus package, the government will be also providing a one-off cash assistance of RM200 per student to those at institutions of higher learning including form six, matriculation, community colleges, polytechnics as well as public and private institutions. Recognising the needs to address mental health especially as these students are away from their families, many universities and learning institutes establish counselling hotlines to provide a healthy channel for students to communication their concerns.

Staying at home under MCO, many of us now find more time on our hands. Inspired to lift our spirits up while encouraging Malaysians to be more productive, the National Culture and Arts Department (JKKN) is organising a variety of contests under the theme “Seni Dalam Talian” (Arts Online) from 14 until 22 April 2020, within the extended MCO period. If you are feeling creative, this is the time flaunt it. Check out JKKN’s page for more details: JKKN Website. Or if you are thinking of taking up a new skill or hobby, tune in to Istana Budaya’s Facebook Page for online music tutorials uploaded daily from 15 – 28 April!

With measures and initiatives introduced to help ease us during this pandemic, we too have a duty to help break the chain. Stay at home, practise good hygiene and heed the advice by the Ministry of Health and relevant authorities as we brace this difficult period together.

As always, stay safe, stay positive.


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