Key Information for Travelers to Malaysia.

Saturday, 04 July 2020

Dear Friends of Malaysia,

July marks a promising beginning of the second half of 2020 for Malaysia as we relax even more of our economic activities towards greater recovery both in our economy, and our battle against Covid- 19.

In addition to the full reopening of schools by July 22 in phases for primary and secondary students, the government has announced that lectures, Dhuha prayers and religious classes are allowed to be held at mosques and surau beginning this week, subject to the SOPs that have been set depending on the capacity of mosques/surau.

Malaysian Muslims can also look forward to the Friday prayers, where mosques have been given the permission to allow more members of congregation to join as they are able to maximise the use of space within their premises.

Our friends from the tourism industry are also optimistic to resume businesses as many of our popular attractions have begun operations from July 1 including theme parks. To welcome visitors as we celebrate this recovery period, our industry players have been introducing new attractive packages and deals.

Tourism Malaysia and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture are pleased to invite industry players and tourism business owners to utilise the platform we have on Tourism Malaysia’s website. This platform is open to tour agents as well as hotels and tourist accommodations to promote their products in a bid to revitalise our domestic tourism.

As of July 2, as many as 136 packages and e-vouchers from 24 local agents that are up for grabs have been featured on the website. We encourage our local industry players to take this opportunity to introduce and market their products by signing up here.

With 15 more cases of recovery, Malaysia has reached a recovery rate of 97.72% as of 4 July 2020. We applaud efforts by our community to comply with the SOPs in order to keep us safe.

Stay vigilant.


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