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Saturday, 11 July 2020

Dear Friends of Malaysia,

Malaysians can look forward to engaging in social activities with less restrictions as the government has agreed to relax some of them within the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) period.

Beginning July 15, the 250-pax limit that is imposed on social events will no longer apply as the maximum number of participants for social events or functions will depend on the size of the event space. However, social distancing and compliance to the clean and safe SOPs will still be compulsory to avoid the spread of Covid-19. This rule applies to any religious, social and official functions including wedding receptions and places of worship.

On the same note, family entertainment centres such as indoor theme parks, game arcades, edutainment centres, children’s gyms as well as family karaoke centres have also been given the permission to begin operations on the same date. Operators and patrons are reminded to keep in mind of the SOPs which include temperature screenings, the use of MySejahtera phone application for recording purposes, the limit on the number of visitors based on the size of premises as well as maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Sports players can rejoice as the government has given the greenlight for contact sports like football, rugby and hockey from July 15, along with the approval for non-contact sports, commercial sports businesses, field and sports operators to resume operations.

Local sports tournaments are allowed to resume on August 15. However, as no spectators are allowed, tournament organisers are encouraged to livestream the events on their social media which allows fans to follow the games without being at risk from contracting the virus in large crowds.

With the coming Merdeka month, the government has decided not to hold any parades due to the risk of spreading the virus. The Merdeka parades traditionally held across cities to celebrate Malaysia’s Independence Day usually attract thousands of people which make it impossible to efficiently enforce social distancing and other SOPs to ensure the safety of the people.

For reference on the latest SOPs in each sector, please visit the website of the National Security Council.

Malaysia has kept a low single-digit record of new cases of local transmissions while increasing the number of recoveries. As of 11 July, we have reached a recovery rate of 97.83%.

While we celebrate our progress, let us not forget that the war with Covid-19 is not over. Let us continue to be vigilant and protect ourselves as well as our loved ones.


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