Key Information for Travelers to Malaysia.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Dear Friends of Malaysia,

Good news to foreign students who have already applied to universities in Malaysia! Malaysia is set to welcome foreign students provided that the universities they applied to are open and have organised classes for students.

In a statement by the Immigration Department (JIM) on September 16, they will also consider new applications for student visa for universities that are open and have classes. Both the existing and prospective students must submit their applications to JIM prior to coming to Malaysia, and their universities must also inform JIM confirming the classes for the students.

Even though new applications for student visa will be put under consideration, approval would not be given to prospective students from one of the 23 countries whose citizens had been prohibited from entering Malaysia.

The 23 countries are United States, Brazil, India, Russia, Peru, Colombia, South Africa, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Iran, Bangladesh, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, France, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Iraq, the Philippines and Indonesia. Malaysia had put these countries under the entry ban list due to the high cases of Covid-19 reported in the respective nations.

Only professional visit pass holders, permanent residents, spouses of Malaysian citizens and student pass holders from the 23 countries will be allowed to enter Malaysia, provided that they submit their applications and obtained approval from JIM beforehand.

On a related note, JIM had updated its lists of procedures for Malaysians leaving and entering the country. Please visit the Latest Procedure for Malaysians Leaving and Returning to Malaysia the updated information on entry rules and restrictions.

Following the government’s announcement on September 10 which had allowed restaurants and convenience stores to extend their operating hours until 2am, the Selangor state government has agreed to allow restaurants and convenience stores in the state to operate until 2 am. However, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has announced that these businesses in the capital city will continue to operate only until midnight. A statement by DBKL clarified that the decision was made to standardise business closing times which would facilitate efficient monitoring by DBKL and other agencies.

As of September 19, Malaysia recorded 20 new cases of Covid-19 whereas the total recovery rate is at 91.62% with 51 new recovered cases reported.

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