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Saturday, 06 June 2020

Malaysia is steadily moving into the 4th stage of its 6R stages to fight this pandemic. We are now into the recovery stage. More states across Malaysia are showing their readiness to relax restrictions on more of their economic sectors.

Perak has fine-tuned the SOP of the tourism sector that covers the hospitality industry including hotels, homestays and kampungstays which serve to guide local entrepreneurs operating their businesses under the new norm.

Penang, which has reached the green state status (free of Covid-19) for close to 4 weeks, has decided to reopen recreational parks on 6 June 2020. The new SOP include the restriction on the number of visitors and the opening hours. However, all permanent Forest Reserves under the Forestry Department would remain closed until further notice.

The state government of Sabah has also recently announced a relaxed entry into the state for all Malaysian citizens. The rule does not only apply to those on business or official trips, but also those on social visits or tourism purposes. All Malaysians entering the state need not undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine under the new rule. Instead, they must produce a confirmation letter from the Ministry of Health declaring that they are free of Covid-19 three days before entering Sabah.

Other states are also following suit as they are in the midst of putting in place a clear set of guidelines to reopen more economic sectors in compliance with the advice from the Health Ministry. Meanwhile, efforts to allow members of Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) who are stranded overseas and wish to return to Malaysia have come to fruition. Stranded MM2H members may now apply to return here, provided that they abide by the SOP outlined by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia.

Following the much-anticipated special address by the Prime Minister o the short-term economic recovery plan or PENJANA yesterday, many operators and businesses in the tourism sector can heave a sigh of relief, as the government has introduced a number of measures including tax reliefs and wage subsidy programme to those badly affected by the pandemic. PENJANA will focus pn 3 key thrusts – Empower People, Propel Business and Stimulate the Economy. 40m key iniatives will be introduced in PENJANA.

While we see further decline in the number of local transmissions among Malaysians, let us continue to be vigilant and practise the measures prescribed by the health authorities and do our part to prevent further infections.

If it is necessary for you to go outside, wear a mask, make sure to keep your distance and wash your hands thoroughly. Remember, these simple acts can help save lives. You can make a difference.

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