Key Information for Travelers to Malaysia.

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Dear Friends of Malaysia,

Beginning August 1, the Government has made it compulsory for the public to wear masks in crowded areas and on public transportation. The decision was made in line with the efforts to effectively reduce the possibility of virus transmission, especially since the reopening of various economic sectors, including domestic tourism.

Following the instruction, the public may also opt to use non-medical face masks or home-made masks, provided that they adhere to the specifics as issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO). WHO recommends face masks that are made from fabric with three layers. Below are the recommended criteria for the three layers:

    • The innermost layer that absorbs water (hydrophilic), such as cotton or a cotton blend;

    • An outermost layer made of a material that prevents water absorption (hydrophobic), such as polypropylene, polyester, or its mixture. This layer can limit contamination from the outside from penetrating the wearer's nose and mouth; and

    • A hydrophobic middle layer made of synthetic non-woven materials such as polypropylene or a cotton layer that can increase the filtration or resistance of liquid droplets.

In addition, the public is advised to fully comply with the social distancing measure and adhere to other SOPs such as temperature screening and avoiding crowded and cramped spaces.

As of July 24, Malaysia sees three more cases of recovery which brings the total rate of recovery to 96.79%.

Stay safe, stay vigilant.


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