Key Information for Travelers to Malaysia.

Thursday, 16 April 2020


Dear Friends of Malaysia,

We are deeply concerned about how the COVID-19 crisis is causing massive disruptions to our tourism industry. As a result of this scenario, many of us have resorted to work from home in a bid to stay productive.

This new normal not only alter our work pattern and modes of communication but also how businesses market their products.

But let not these changes distort the entire dynamics of our industry. Leveraging on social media networking sites instead is the only way forward to get more engagement with our travellers.

Recently in Malaysia, our industry players had taken initiative to organize series of online webinar to promote awesome travel packages during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

We know that it is imperative to spur the economic growth for the time being but travel excitement should never be compromised with safety issues.

For that reason, we at Tourism Malaysia would like to urge all parties to stay united in order to make Malaysia a safe country to visit when the pandemic COVID-19 is over.

As we gain the right momentum, it is essential to reflect our strategies and branding before we try to boost our domestic tourism and new market segment for the post-COVID-19.

During the MCO, we note that e-commerce trends have bring about changes in our consumer behaviour as online sales and mobile shopping are on the rise.

With travel restriction and social distancing imposed, the selling of national craft for example, is now made available online through E-Kraf Bazar, in order to help our affected local craftsmen by utilizing social media platform, Facebook.

The Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation (Kraftangan Malaysia) is spearheading this initiative which is aimed at promoting and marketing these crafts such as textile, ceramic, metal as well as forest products from various local entrepreneurs starting April 8, 2020.

Besides, we should also support the creation of digital platform like ‘E-Bazar Ramadan’ for the purpose of food delivery in collaboration with e-hailing firm, which is set to ease the burden of small traders in generating additional income during the extended MCO.

This new business model that replace the cancellation of yearly Ramadan bazaars (traditionally held in Malaysia throughout Muslim fasting month) will enable public to order their favourite foods online, starting next week – the first day of Ramadan.

On the other hand, our government is also committed to ensure the health and safety of our people. As of April 15, the total number of COVID-19 recoveries is now reaching 2,647 in which it represents 52.18 % of the total positive cases.

Special thanks to our medical frontliners who work tirelessly to make this happens. Together, we can win the fight against COVID-19!

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