Key Information for Travelers to Malaysia.

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Dear Friends of Malaysia,

Good news for those who are eligible to enter or return to Malaysia: The Government has agreed to allow for some exemptions from paying quarantine charges.

As you are well aware, all returnees who enter Malaysia need to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine at designated stations or facilities. All charges incurred at the quarantine facilities are borne by the individuals except for the following:

  • Individuals from B40 households, Malaysians working abroad and those who have been retrenched
  • Malaysians returning home after serving jail sentences in neighbouring countries
  • Those with disabilities and registered with the Welfare Department
  • Those stranded overseas for a long period of time and have no financial means to pay for their quarantine
  • Children below 12 who are single travellers (A parent will be allowed to accompany their children at quarantine centres and their expenses will be borne by the Government)

For those who undergo quarantine at public training institutes, the charge has now been reduced to RM100 a day, compared to RM150 imposed previously. Returnees may also opt to be quarantined at hotels depending on the availability of rooms, however, the rate for hotel quarantine remains at RM150 a day.

Children under 12 who travelled with their parents may be quarantined in the same room as their parents and will be charged at a rate of RM50 a day.

The public is also reminded to play their part in adhering to the SOPs as advised by the government. The SOPs are only as effective as the implementation and this responsibility heavily relies on community self-control. In line with this, the government has launched the “Embracing New Norms” campaign on August 8th, to raise awareness and inculcate the new norms as part of our culture. More details can be viewed via the following link: Pembudayaan Norma Baharu Dalam Komuniti

As of today, Malaysia records 11 new cases of Covid-19. On the other hand, the number of recovery cases increases to 8,817 which brings the total rate of recovery to 96.74%.

Stay safe, wear a mask.


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